Tuesday Morning Recap


Tuesday we discussed the church at Pergamun.

The church had remained true to their faith, however, there were members who tolerated false teaching.

We discussed how we can stand firm for the truth while at the same time not coming across as judgmental.

In the movie ‘O Brother Where art Tho’ Pappy O’Daniel notes that Homer Stokes bears some malice toward the ‘Soggy Bottom Boys’ Pappy adds that Stokes must be an old testament type of Christian whereas he, Pappy, is a forgive and forget type of believer. ¬†We want to be like Pappy – the type of Christian who always has a kind word and smile on our face and never has cause to call out another human being. However, if our scripture is to be taken seriously then there will be times when we have to stand against false teaching.

I would suggest that we are in error if we never find occasion to contradict another and when we continually find fault with Christian teachers. Jesus always stuck the perfect balance between pointing out error and loving the speaker. Therefore, we should always start with love and remember that we must love others enough to tell them the truth — even if it costs us embarrassment and ridicule. The love Jesus preached was a servant love.

Next week we discuss the church at Thyatira. Revelation 2:18-29. Consider the following questions:

1) If we are saved by grace how can we be in danger of Hell’s fire?

2) How are we to understand verses like 26 “To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations -“?

See you tomorrow.


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