10 Alive Recap


Last week we discussed how to identify false prophets and how to battle against them.

Those who deny that Jesus is Christ are in error but they aren’t necessarily false prophets. False prophets are those who seek to persuade others that there is another way to heaven or that God doesn’t exist. The false teachers who have the most success are those how take the skin of the truth and stuff it with a lie. As Chris pointed out very rarely does someone encourage someone to reject God. More often they encourage people to do what feels right to them and to reject the authority of scripture.

So how are we to combat false prophets. Our duty is to proclaim the truth of the gospel — always with gentleness and respect. Since the Bible is the final court of arbitration we should always encourage people to read and meditate on the scriptures.

Tomorrow we will discuss 1 John 4:4-6. Consider the following questions:

1) What victory have we won?

2) What does it mean to ‘speak from the world’s viewpoint’?

3) Why is it that those who belong to God recognize truth?

See you tomorrow.


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