10 Alive Recap


Last week we continued our series on ‘Amazing Grace.’ John Newton, the man who wrote the hymn, describes grace as joyful and precious. We discussed the fact that only someone who realizes how retched they were can appreciate the gift of salvation. To many operate as if grace cost God nothing. The truth is that our salvation was purchased at a great a precious price. It is only when we understand what our sin cost God that we can begin to live lives that please Him.

We do this not out of a sense of obligation but because we are graetful.

Tomorrow we discuss verse three.

Through many toils trials and snares I have already come.

Tis’ grace that brought me safe thus far and grace will bring me home.

Consider the following questions:

1) Why do Christians suffer?

2) How does grace see us through our troubles?

3) What does it mean to come home?

See you in the morning.



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