Wednesday Night Recap


Last week we discussed Chris’ painting ‘Was blind, now see’

Chris captured the moment that the man born blind saw for the first time. What a moment and what a gift Jesus gave that man. However, Jesus gave a greater gift – the gift of spiritual sight.

We discussed what it means to have spiritual sight. Before salvation our focus is primarily on ourselves. We do what brings us pleasure. However, after we come to know Jesus we see the world as he sees it and we begin to do what pleases Him. Of course this is a process and we will stumble at times but as long as the light of Christ reigns in our hearts He will transform our lives.

We also discussed how we can effectively witness to others. Chris noted that we don’t need to understand all the mysteries of faith — like the man born blind it is enough to proclaim ‘I was blind but now I see’


Tonight we will be discussing Chris’ painting based on Jacob wrestling God. Our text will be Genesis 32:22-32.

See you tonight.


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