Wednesday Night Recap


Last week we discussed Chris’ painting on the conversion of Paul.

Many have asked where they can see Chris’ paintings. You can see them at and I highly recommend visiting the site.


Prior to his conversion Saul was a very religious man who saw Christianity as a threat to Judaism. Indeed Saul participated in murdering believers. We discussed how a religious person could so easily turn to violence.  Some believe that the problem is fundamentalists. Any person who claims that their religion is the only true religion is a potential problem, however, we agreed that the real question is what is a persons fundamental.

Saul’s fundamental lead him to violence but Paul’s fundamental lead him to preach and serve others. Why the change?

Saul’s fundamental was based on legalism but Paul’s fundamental was based on grace. Legalism lead to violence but grace lead to love and service.

We discussed how Paul’s conversion did not occur in an instant. God blinded Saul to get his attention and then over a three day period Saul came to know Christ.

My prayer for each of us is that we continue growing closer to our Savior.

This week we will discuss Paul’s love for the Jews.

See you tonight.



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