Wednesday Night Recap


Last week we discussed the woman caught in adultery.

We speculated about what Jesus was writing in the dirt. Jack speculated that Jesus may have been writing their sins. Jack noted that those who wanted to stone the woman left — starting with the oldest.

Most of our time was spent discussing how we can condemn sin yet love the sinner. Jesus asked “Is there no one left to condemn you?”

“No one sir.”

“Then neither do I condemn you. Go and lead a sin free life.”

The only one who had the authority to condemn chose not to. Why? Was Jesus indicating that adultery was O K?  Clearly not. He told the woman to go and sin no more. So what did Jesus mean by His question.

He meant that He would pay for her sin.  Jesus would suffer and die for her and our mistakes on the cross. Jesus would be hit with the stones that the woman deserved.

What should our response be to Jesus sacrifice? Like the woman we should strive to live Godly lives.

Tomorrow we will discuss Chris’ painting of Peter walking on water.


See you tomorrow night.


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