Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we began a new series based on ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

We discussed chapters 1-3 and the parable of the good Samaritan.

Jesus teaches that we are to be kind to all people. Cultural and economic differences should not keep us from serving those in need. We agreed this is true but admitted we often find it difficult to love others – especially those who are different.

Scout and Walter were from different social backgrounds. Walter can’t afford lunch and his teacher wants to buy Walter lunch. Because the teacher is new to the community she don’t understand why Walter won’t accept charity. Scout explains the situation to the teacher but as Katy pointed out Scout is not truly attempting to be a good neighbor to Walter. She just wants to explain the situation to the teacher. Like so many Scout never has a silent thought. Ironically, Scout shames Walter while expelling why the teacher is shaming Walter.

It is left to Cal to insist that Scout be kind to Walter. Scout is not unlike many of us. The kindness she shows Walter is born of fear of punishment not compassion for her neighbor.

Our challenge is to find the power to show love when it doesn’t serve our selfish interest. Jack suggested that the first step is to deny our selves and focus on Christ. Gary agreed that loving the unlovely goes against our nature. We must focus on Christ. Gary added that we must also obey God. We obey when we do what His word requires.

Tom said that when we spend time in the word and at bible study we prepare ourselves the times we will be required to act. The actions of the Samaritan were driven by a deep understanding of what it means to love. That understanding comes only from spending quality time with Jesus.

See you next week.



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