Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday we discussed Chapter five of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and Mark 7:1-13.

Those growing in Christ are simultaneously becoming more loving and obedient to God’s commands. The Pharisees were excellent rule followers but their hearts were hard. Their obedience to the law made them more callus to those who were suffering. This is a charge often leveled by unbelievers at the church today – ‘Churches are made up of judgmental hypocrites.’

Unfortunately, the response of some Christians is to be be tolerant of all activity in the name of love.

Jesus teaches that obedience to the word of God brings in line with the heart of God and makes us more loving. Ms. Maudie exemplifies this teaching. She is trusted by Jem and Scout because she loves them enough to accept them as they are while encouraging them to become better people.  Like Jesus she is quick to confront the hypocrites of her day but always in love.

If we want to be more like Ms. Maudie then we need to  become more like Christ. We become more like Christ as we obey Him.

See you Wednesday,


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