Wednesday Night Recap


Wednesday We discussed lesson 10 – Home Alone.

We talked about why Dill wanted to return to the Finch home. Dill’s parents bought him things but didn’t want him around. What Dill wanted more than anything else was to be loved and wanted. The Finch’s provided him what he needed most. We also agreed that because of the affection he felt for Jem and Scout Dill was willing to face an angry mob.

We also discussed how Scout was able to disperse the lynch mob. “Don’t you know me Mr. Cunningham? I’m a friend of your son, Walter.” With these words she humanized herself and family. She also showed what they share in common – family and community.

Chris pointed out that lawlessness and hate depend on depersonalizing an opponent. If the love of Christ lives in us we love and serve our neighbor.

We also addressed Atticus’ courage. He stands guard without a gun or army. We discussed how following Christ often requires that we place ourselves in dangerous situations for loves sake. In those moments we look to God to be our defender. In ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ God showed up in the form of a young girl.

This Wednesday we will study lesson 11.

See you Wednesday.


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