10 Alive Recap



Today we continued our series on Paul with a discussion of 2 Timothy 4:11.

Paul and a strong personality. Perhaps that’s why God chose him to spread the gospel to the Gentiles. However, Paul’s personality often put him at odds with others..  He and Barnabus had a falling out over John Mark. Mark abandoned Paul and Barnabus during their first missionary juroney. Paul didn’t want Mark to accompany Paul on the second mission trip.

2 Tmothy is written toward the end of Paul’s life. He has fought the good fight and is ready for his reward. He wants to spend his final days with Mark. Nothing in scripture leads us to conclude that these men changed their view about what lead to their estrangement. However, in the end Paul realized that what united them was greater than what had divided them.

We all have different personalities and beliefs.  We don’t always agree on the best way forward and can find outlives at odds. It’s amazing that God is able to accomplish His will with people that spend so much time arguing. Yet God’s kingdom continues to advance and He uses us in powerful ways. All God asks is that we be willing to go where He sends us.

Laurie shared how Tom’s willingness to serve communion to Lauries grandmother lead to an incredible encounter with the Lord. The communion service stirred something in Lauries grandmothers heart. After Tom and his mother left Laurie and her grandmother had a conversation and time of prayer.  Laurie’s grandmother has fought the good fight and will soon finish the race. There is now no doubt as to where she will spend eternity.

We must always be ready to serve. I’m blessed to be able to share this journey with all of you.



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