Tuesday Morning Recap


It was great being back with you and I enjoyed our discussion.

Today we began part II of ‘A Love Letter to the Church.’ Part II is titled ‘Living in the Kingdom by faith’ and contains particle advice for how to lead a Godly life.

God is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him. David writes “…as we hunger and thirst for His righteousness and diligently seek to be clothed in His righteousness, He will reward our diligence with a supernatural outpouring of His righteousness in our very lives…. God answers. God gives. God blesses.”

We must humble ourselves and obey God. God asks us to undertake seemingly inadequate actions – with no apparent chance of accomplishing the outcome we desire – in humble obedience to His commands.

The enemy will try to dissuade you from obeying God. He will tell you that trusting God wont work. But remember that Satan is a thief and a liar. He does not have your best interest in mind. Trust God and begin living a life of peace and blessing.

Next week we will discuss pages 47-52.

See you on Tuesday.


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