10 Alive Recap


It was great being with you this morning. We began our series on Psalm 51.

This psalm was written by David after his sin had been exposed. It is easy to be sorry you have been caught but not sorry for the sin you committed. We noted that the first two verses of Psalm 51 demonstrate that David is truly repentant. 

David understands the depth of what he has done – he has broken God’s heart. We talked about how we often make excuses for our sin. Indeed we don’t call it sin. “It was just a white lie.” Our sin cost God His son and we ignore this truth at our peril. We can’t hope to grow deeper in our faith if we fail to understand that God hates sin.

I talked about watching my dog about to get hit by a car. He was running toward me oblivious to the car racing toward him. I screamed ‘STOP’ He obeyed my command and lived. He didn’t understand why he needed to obey. We don’t need to understand why we need to obey God. He sees the car – that’s all that matters.

We concluded by acknowledging that God is always willing to restore the repentant sinner.



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