Tuesday Morning Recap


Last week we discussed confronting a sinning brother or sister.

We agreed that we would rather someone else be called upon for this task. It makes us uncomfortable and requires we step out of our comfort zone – isn’t that why we have pastors?

The bible is clear – we must confront the disobedient member of our flock. Indeed it is the loving thing to do.

There are three reasons to remove a willfully sinning Christian from a fellowship. First, to frighten them back to right living. Second, is to protect the fellowship from harm. “…a little leaven will leaven the whole lump.” And the third reason is to avoid the judgement of the Lord.

We discussed how to confront the sinning brother or sister. We must make clear we have their best interest at heart and that we love them enough to speak truth. We must make clear that we are not judging out of a sense of our own righteousness but based on the word of God.

Great discussion! Next Tuesday we discuss pp. 78-82.

See you at 7 am.



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