10 Alive Recap


Last week we discussed the parable of the tenants. The tenants were given everything by the king yet they refused to acknowledge they were tenants – they acted like owners. They refused to give the king his due and they attacked anyone who tried to tell them the truth.

This parable shows us the heart of God. What He wants most is relationship with us. We disobey and dishonor Him yet He still calls us. However, if we believe He will never punish the disobedient we miss one of the main points of the parable. In the end the wicked tenants were destroyed and the land was given to others. We must never confuse mercy with weakness. Let us strive to be tenants who acknowledge their king and give the king His due – lives that bear fruit.

Tomorrow we will discuss the sower and the seeds, Mark 4:3-9.

See you in the morning.




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