10 Alive Recap


Last week we discussed the sower and the seed.

We agreed agreed that the sower is God and the seed is the Gospel. The parable is primarily about the soil and the plants.

In previous classes we discussed whether someone can lose their salvation. Putting aside the question of whether it is possible to lose your salvation it is clear that the purpose of the parable to encourage us to have deep roots.

The plants that thrive are the ones that have good soil. We agreed that good soil is made up of equal parts humility and obedience. We must focus on Christ rather than ourselves. If we love Him we obey Him. And when we obey we produce fruit. Indeed, the parable teacher that our sole purpose of our lives is to produce fruit that is pleasing to God.

My prayer is that we all bear fruit!

Tomorrow we will discuss Luke 12:35-38.

See you in the morning.



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