10 Alive Recap


Last weeks parable involved waiting for the Kings return.

Jesus warns that we should be ready for His return. We don’t know when He will return so we must constantly be ready. In this parable Jesus teaches that the true disciple lives a life pleasing to God, therefore, whenever Jesus returns He will be pleased with the true disciple. Indeed, Jesus will serve the true disciple. What a marvelous thought – our King will serve us!

We agreed that we want to live lives that please God. We discussed how we can grow in our faith.

Nancy advised that the first thing we need to do is stop thinking about ourselves. Every sin begins with the decision to serve our selfish desires rather than God. If we focus on God we will naturally do what pleases God.

Jack added that we need to be intentional about prayer. Staying in contact with God guarantees we will grow in relationship with Him.

Paul added that we must stay connected with those who know and love Jesus. It’s hard to get off track when in fellowship with other believers.

I have learned that when I call for Him He is never far away. When the enemy whispers in your ear call on the Holy Spirit – it works every time!

Next Sunday we will discuss Luke 5:36-39.

See you Sunday at 10 am!


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