Tuesday Morning Recap


Today we discussed the crossing of the Red Sea.

The people cried out to Moses ‘Were there no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die?’ Moses replies ‘The Lord will fight for you and you have nothing to do but be still.’

The Israelites had reason to be afraid. They were caught between two mountains with their backs to the sea. And Pharaoh was closing in for the kill. It’s easy to lose heart when danger comes near. But that is when we need God the most. We know we are suppose to have faith but our fear takes over.

Andy reminded us that in our natural state we will always be afraid but God doesn’t want us to live in the flesh. He wants us to depend on the Holy Spirit. Andy says that when he is afraid or has doubts he simply refocuses on the Spirit. This allows him to see God in the midst of of danger.

Jack reminds us that when we are at our worst God is at His best.

Great class. See you next Tuesday.



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