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  1. Chris Cook says:

    I attend all 3 classes regularly and have really been blessed over the years by being involved!

  2. Jack Miles says:

    I thought I had left a message earlier — obviously not. The discussion we have Tuesday mornings are meaningful and helpful to my daily living.
    I am praying that men not now part of the Bible study will come experience the depth of those current members. I am also looking forward to continuing the discussions thoughtout the week

  3. Troy Bryant says:

    I enjoy the classes and I really like the new website…keep up the good work.

    Serving together

  4. John Miles says:

    What a blessing it was to be with Carl and Jan Sunday morning! Next time you visit Carl ask him to tell you about his visit with his sister.

  5. Bonnie Mason says:

    I love the website and the Facebook page! These will help us all stay connected between Bible studies!



  6. Jamie says:

    When are you going to tell everyone that I compose and type up all your discussions a day ahead — then you just memorize my notes?

  7. Jamie says:

    Is that your new ride?

  8. Jim miles says:

    Great Wednesday night class. Sometimes I know I’ve been guilty of trying to obey and worship God because there is some place I want Him to take me. I was reminded tonight that, like the younger brother in the prodigal story, we need to obey and worship God simply because He is who He is. We don’t have to wait for Him to take us to the party, He IS the party.

  9. Jack Miles says:

    On the way home from Men’s Bible Study the Holy Spirit finally got my attention and helped me formulate my thinking regarding a comment I made during class.

    I had struggled to fill in the gap between God’s light and darkness being good in the beginning and God being light in heaven. I stated that during this time (the gap time) Christ is light for us in our fallen condition. What I couldn’t do was carry the thought to its logical conclusion.

    Here is what I received from the Holy Spirit…God’s good light and darkness in the beginning were CONDITIONS. God being light in heaven is a CONDITION. Darkness and light for each of us and society today are objects–Satan and Christ–and behaviors.

    Recognizing light and darkness as objects allows me to choose: focus on Christ and look outside myself thereby living in the light or focus on darkness and become the object of darkness being self-absorbed and looking inward towards self-gratification and thereby joining Satan and living in his darkness.

    God sent Christ into the world to show me the light; the pathway to God’s everlasting CONDITION of light.

    What say you, gentlemen?

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